Liquid Robotics Thinkable Research Challenge

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Stage: Competition Finished

Why Enter?

The oceans make up 70% of our planet and play a major role in regulating our climate along with hosting a wonderful array of living creatures from coral reefs to the Antarctic. However the oceans and the ecosystems that call it home are changing and traditional techniques for scientists to monitor, explore and understand our changing oceans have limitations in access, cost, space and time. The Liquid Robotics Wave Glider is an autonomous robot powered by waves and sun that allows real-time measurements of ocean properties for up to one-year at a time. Extreme events or hostile places tend to be off limits to traditional methods of gathering marine observations.

The power of the Liquid Robotics autonomous Wave Glider is that it can sample in conditions and places not previously possible. The Wave Glider has already been used on a range of different research expeditions that you can see here: However, there is an unlimited potential for researchers to pursue completely new ideas and sample unexplored regions using our Wave Gliders as the platform. From graduate students to professors to innovators, we invite you to inspire us with research ideas not thought possible, so you can push the frontiers of knowledge and drive new discoveries about the marine environment.

Can they be controlled?

Sophisticated integrated software and mangement systems give users complete control on range and upload of data. See here for more:

What are the specifications?

Please complete a short form on our website, and we'll send you right along to our collection of specification sheets:

Who can I contact to ask questions?

Todd Kleperis. Contact him here.

 Funding Available